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Hey! I'm Loni Crittenden.

You’ve got a great story, but even the most talented writers need a second opinion. As a developmental editor for all things weird and what-if, I know the speculative fiction genres inside and out.


Dragons? I’ve got you covered. Steampunk? Bring it on. Whatever your story, my editorial team and I are here to help you polish your draft and make your manuscript ready to sweep the literary world off its feet.

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Learn the six most important things your next draft needs with a checklist to guide you along the way.

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A simple, fun, and proven five-step system that will help you tell your story in less than an hour.

Loni is a joy to work with and a consummate professional. She puts an incredible amount of care into every manuscript. Her editorial instincts are solid, and she's one of the best editors on our staff list. I couldn't imagine The Parliament House without her.


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