Speculative Fiction Editing

What distinguishes the writer from the author? The trusted editor: an ally and advisor who can take your YA fantasy adventure to the next level.

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Hey there, bestseller!

You’ve got a great story, but even the most talented writers need a second opinion. As developmental editors for all things weird and what-if, we know the speculative fiction genres inside and out.


Dragons? We’ve got you covered. Steampunk? Bring it on. Something no one has ever seen before that you're ready to introduce to the world? We'd be honored to help.


Whatever your story, we’re here to help you polish your draft and make your manuscript ready to sweep the literary world off its feet.

This is what we do:

Are you a first-time author, or a returning client with a new story idea?


The editorial assessment is an analysis of either your novel’s first 5,000 words or the notes for your story-to-be, and can answer all of your burning questions about your draft’s structure, outlines, character sketches, and worldbuilding concepts.


Does your story draw the reader in? Are your characters strong enough to leap off the page? Can the world you’ve built transport your audience to another place and time?


In a manuscript evaluation, I’ll analyze your novel from cover to cover and guide you through the revision process with an editorial letter.


After the manuscript evaluation, it’s time for the nitty-gritty.


The substantive edit refines your novel at the scene, paragraph, and sentence levels.


Through marginal comments and pointed suggestions, we’ll look at character, worldbuilding, pace, style, and more, working together to lift your story to new heights.

Loni is a joy to work with and a consummate professional. She puts an incredible amount of care into every manuscript. Her editorial instincts are solid, and she's one of the best editors on our staff list. I couldn't imagine The Parliament House without her.


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