The Manuscript Evaluation

Does your story have a solid structure? Are your characters complex and compelling? Do your scenes dawdle where they should dash? Let’s find out with a manuscript evaluation.

In a manuscript evaluation, I approach your story with an eye for the big picture. We’ll take a look at everything from plot to style and develop a solid plan of attack for your next draft. After I analyze the manuscript from root to tip, I’ll compile my suggestions into an editorial letter to help you through revision.

What it covers:
The run-down.

What’s the goal?


For those who have written (and self-edited) their manuscripts, an evaluation will help you understand your story’s strengths and weaknesses and guide you through revising your next draft.


What does it include?


An editorial letter with detailed feedback on story structure, plot, characterization, and the like, complete with a list of resources and actionable advice for your next steps.


How much does it cost?


I charge a flat rate of $0.01 per word.


What’s the turnaround?


Two weeks.


What can I submit?


The standard novel is 40,000 words long, but that threshold is a little higher for fantasy. Most YA fantasy novels start at 80-90K words, but I’m totally open to working with novellas and novelettes.


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